The Grants & Outreach Office (GOO)

The Grants & Outreach Office (GOO)


T he Grants & Outreach Office (GOO) assists researchers, students, staff, and industry partners in obtaining grant funding to sponsor their research & mobility. The Grants & Outreach Office is available also to assist in the proposal development from conceptualization to final proposal submission. The Grants & Outreach Office (GOO) play important role in maintaining strong relationships with funders. GOO also plays a key role in forming collaborative partnerships with industry partners and community organizations to support common proposals and jointly apply for funding. Responsibilities & Services The Grants & Outreach Office implements the policy and objectives of Alexandria University with the following services:

- Implementing University's policies and objectives regarding research funding.

- Support for the establishment of cooperation partnerships with international higher education institutions

- Enhancing & organizing and implementing structured individual mobility arrangements with international partners.

- Conducting ongoing research on grant opportunities.

- Working closely with University staff to ensure that project ideas and proposals are consistent with University priorities and match the requirements of the funding source.

- Providing university staff members, researchers, students and other industry partners with information on funding sources

- Maintaining the accurate records & reports and grants database that lists all currently funded projects, grants recently submitted and projects that did not receive funding. This database can be used to track the timing of submission of grants for renewal or continuation.

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