Intellectual Properties Right Office (IPRO)

T he Intellectual Properties Right Office (IPRO) is responsible for protecting, managing and licensing the intellectual property of Alexandria University, including inventions in the medical, life science, engineering science and physical sciences sectors, copyright-protected materials such as software and images, and tangible research materials. Responsibilities & Services

  • Assist researchers, students, staff, and industry partners to get the right type of protection for their creation or invention
  • Maintain the protection of intellectual property rights to the highest international standards.
  • Provide high-quality and responsive patent, trademark and designs registration services to the public in Alexandria.
  • Promote awareness of intellectual property rights (including educational events, intellectual property seminars, dialogues, roundtables, and presentations) of the individual, and a respect for the rights of others.
  • Administer intellectual property developed by University researchers.
  • Facilitate the patent application procedure.
  • Follow up patent application from the point of administrative, technical and legal view until getting approval.
  • Provide technical advice, legal services, the registration, evaluation and management of intellectual property rights.

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