Grants Outreach Office (GOO) SERVICES

International Cooperation

  • Partnership and cooperation higher education institutions and associationswith international leading companies
  • Promotes the University's international image as excellence center in teaching and research


  • Enhancing, organizing and manage exchange programs and partnerships and support university community with mobility (negotiating agreements, managing mobility)
  • Provide technical supports and advising services to international students who are coming for full-time study and exchange programs scholars regarding thier study , research and immigration status in Egypt .
  • Provide technical supports and advising services to Alexandria University students who are participating in mobility programs or who are planning to study , research or traning abroad

Fund | Grant Opportunities

  • Identification of funding opportunities
  • Promotion and Dissemination of information about funding agencies

Proposal Development

  • Reviewing proposals for compliance with both university and external regulations
  • Consulting on proposal writing
  • Assisting in budget plan construction

Project Management

Providing administrative and financial support (e.g. to solve challenges, interpret funding guidelines etc.) to the project team

Training l Employment Technology Transfer & industry collaborative Office (TICCO)

  • Vocational Education
  • Employment units in commercial, industrial and agricultural vocational schools.
  • Innovation clubs in vocational schools and participate in different innovation competitions.

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