Technology Transfer and Industry Collaborative Office (TTICO)

T he mission of Alexandria University office for Technology Transfer & industry collaborative (TTICO) is to transfer inventions and innovative knowledge to outside organizations for the benefit of society. TTICO encourages invention disclosure; protects Alexandria University’s intellectual property; and markets and licenses Alexandria University’s intellectual property to established companies as well as new business ventures for product development and commercialization. TTICO serves as a bridge between faculty and researchers of Alexandria University and the business community. Through technology transfer, innovations may be incorporated into products and services that directly benefit society, as well as research and education at Alexandria University.
TTICO 's goals are to:

  • Bridge the Gap between Academia | Industry
    1. Understand the requirement and market needs of the industry.
    2. Enhance the collaboration through common activities.
  • Professional Consulting Services and R&D
    1. Pool of sector and field specialized consultants.
    2. Carry out research and development activities depend on industry needs & consultancy.
    3. Production cost efficiency.
    4. energy efficiency management.
  • Innovation
    1. Strengthen the linkages and cultural partnership with industries.
    2. Research product or technology commercialization.
  • Training & Employment
    1. Support for labors/ workers employment after training.
    2. Support and implement on-job training.
    3. Training needs assessment and upgrading of soft & technincal skills
  • Patent Promotion
    1. TTICO can serve you with marketing promotion for your innovative ideas

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