New family Berberidaceae extract as a treatment for male infertility and HCV in Egyptian patients

New family Berberidaceae extract as a treatment for male infertility and HCV in Egyptian patients

The Technology

Researchers at Alexandria University have developed a treatment for hepatitis “C” virus and male infertility related to oxidative stress. This extract acts as an antioxidant, immune-modulator & acetyl cholinesterase inhibitor for HCV. It also increases the activity of the mitochondrial ATPase enzyme, seminal LDH activity, increases the proportion of blood testosterone, and stimulates the secretion of fructose from of the prostate gland, it also prevents DNA fragmentation, increases the hyaluronidase activity and decreases the cellular lipid peroxidation incidence and propagation for male infertility.


  • These extract compounds or active alkaloids can be used as curative agents for HCV patients as a vaccine.
  • This extract will be used as male infertility curative agent especially for cases related to oxidative stress or linked with low energy production or oocytes-sperm fusion.
  • Finally, this extract could be used in Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) especially during sperm preparation, where it can be added in a combination with the IVF-media to decrease the detrimental effect of reactive oxygen species produced at the high centrifugation rates.
  • This extracts is better than existing therapy as it is;
  • A potential as antioxidant
  • unlike interferon, the extract has no side effects
  • less expensive 
  • Safe with high curative rate
  • Can be used to improve ICSI and IVF treatment.
  • Treat symptoms associated with HCV such as hyperlipidemia and decreased cirrhosis.
  • Increase energy production and improve sperm mobility and oocyte-sperm fusion so increases fertilization rate.

The inventor


Dr. Doaa Ahmed Ghareeb is an associate professor of Biochemistry at Biochemistry Department, faculty of science, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt. Her research area include HCV treatment, idiopathic male infertility



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