Optimized microemulsion based gel for transdermal delivery of diflunisal

Optimized microemulsion based gel for transdermal delivery of diflunisal

The Technology

Researchers at Alexandria University have developed a therapy to elaborate an optimized microemulsion based transdermal therapeutic system for diflunisal (analgesic anti-inflammatory drug used for osteoarthiritis, rheumatoid arthiritis and primary dysmenorrhoea) to overcome side effects associated its oral administration including peptic ulceration, gastrointestinal disturbances, bleeding, hepatic and renal adverse effects. Our microemulsion gel composition optimized via screening & statistical design in specific amounts prepared with certain method. It proved in vivo effectiveness to deliver diflunisal through the skin in an amount sufficient to produce pharmacological effect. It represents an alternative candidate to conventional tablets which can be commercialized.


  • Can be produced on a commercial scale and marketed as a new product.
  • Can be filled into tubes or small containers with closure and is ready for application on the desired area of the body to relief pain and inflammation over a prolonged period of time instead of using oral tablets.
  • Simple technique requiring no specific equipment.
  • Longer duration of action than aspirin.
  • It possessed pseudoplastic characteristics, good physical stability and spreadability making it acceptable for patient use.
  • The optimized ME based gel elaborated in this work is a potential carrier that create a good opportunity for controlled & sustained transdermal delivery of diflunisal.

The inventor


Dr. Marwa Sallam is a Lecturer at the Department of Industrial Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt. Her research area include Diflunisal, Microemulsion based gel and Invivo antihperalgesia



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