Pre-sintering immersion for improving biocompatibility of zirconia implants

Pre-sintering immersion for improving biocompatibility of zirconia implants


The Technology

Researchers at Alexandria University have developed a very simple and effective method to deposite a layer of bioactive material on a nano-thick scale. This bioactive layer is adsorbed on the surface of the non sitered zirconia implant. After sintering the nano layer becomes fused to the outer surface and impregnated deep in the surface but the entire thickness does not excedd few nano meters. When inserted in human body, the coated bioactive material as hydroxy apatite or calcium phosphate becomes dissolute into body fluids as blood and serum and activates faster deposition of bone in the surface of the inserted implant.


  • Coating of all implants and prosthetic devices inserted into bone including dental implants, joint replacements, and bone fixtures to enhance faster bone deposition and osseointegration.
  • Coating of fuel cells with required catalytic material to enhance chemical reaction.
  • Fabication of composite laminates incorporating ceramic structures.
  • Technique allows wider possibilities of application without the need of sophisticated devices or expensive tools.

The inventor


Dr. Moustafa N Aboushelib is a Lecturer at the Department of Biomaterials, faculty of dentistry, Alexandria university, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt. His research area include Bioactive coating, Bioconductie coating & Zirconia implant




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