Car Protector

Car Protector

The Technology

Researchers at Alexandria University have developed a device and its software to prevent car stealing by putting this device to track the car and know it is place by using GPS.


  • Track the car using GPS device and computer to it's exactly place
  • Can stop the car by using computer & satellite to stop the car
  • Can close the windows and doors so the thief can't run away from it
  • Using computer & satellite to control the car moving to the nearest police station so that we bring back the car and facilitate on the police to catch the thief

The inventor


Mr. Mohamed Magdy abd el monem is a student at high school; Alexandria, Egypt and Alexandria University support him in his research. His research area include software programing and mechanical system.



Technology Transfer Office is the third office under Grants | Innovation | Technology Transfer Center at Alexandria University and responsible for commercializing Alexandria University technologies and for supporting University research. TTO is seeking parties interested in learning more about this technology and in exploring possible research and commercialization of this technology or answer any questions you may have regarding TTO.

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